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MPIII Dual Sweep Air System installation
and Duct Cleaning

The installation of an MPIII Dual Sweep Air System and our duct cleaning service go hand-in-hand and maximize the effectiveness of flushing out the bad, contaminated air in your home. Pairing our MPIII Dual Sweep Air System with continued maintenance through our duct cleaning services, we can dramatically improve the air you breathe. Fixing the problem and not just symptoms is our priority. 

R&R Air Medics takes the air you breathe seriously. We pride ourselves on revitalizing the air in your home and solving many important health issues.


The installation of an MPIII Dual Sweep Air System will supply and distribute fresh, clean air and expel contaminated air and off gassing. The system captures heat in outbound air and reuses that energy to condition (heat or cool) inbound fresh air. The systems are used in all kinds of applications to reduce humidity, promote better air flow, help cut energy costs and improve overall health and wellness. 

If you suffer from allergies please contact us! We can offer testimonials from clients just like you and also answer any questions you have in regards to your home and health.

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The contaminants in your air ducts circulate your homes, and affect the way you breathe. On top of dust and dirt that accumulates, there are also other harmful factors that make duct cleaning a smart choice. Some of these factors include:

- Having Pets

- Family Members with Allergies

- Family Members with Asthma

- Smokers

Our duct cleaning service includes air washing the duct system with our R&R high-powered vacuum truck. We also clean the inner parts of the cooling and heating system. Large volumes of dust and debris can block airflow, affecting the air you breathe and also creating a fire hazard.

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